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Q: What is the battery size?

A: 2 x ‘D’ size

Q: How long do the batteries last? 

A: 150 hours approximately with heavy duty batteries.

Q: Maximum weight loading at the spitbar tip?

A: 8 kg of gourmet cooking for 1 to 20 people dependent on serving portions.

Q: Where can I purchase more Ausspit accessories? 

A: Ausspit is supported by authorised distributors nationally within Australia, including website ordering ability.

Q: Why is Ausspit simply so good? 

  • All cooking is visual apparent, with no hidden guess work.
  • Fully adjustable height control and spitbar swing action allows you to increase or decrease heat to golden cooked perfection.
  • No work required, giving you more time for relaxing.
  • Food product is subjected to gentle wood smoke infusion giving unique flavours and tastes. See our fire section for more information.

Q: What can the Ausspit cook?

A: Roast meats – pork, lamb, beef, marinated spare ribs, venison, goat, prawns and toast.

Desserts – cinnamon apples, Hot toffee oranges, honey peach or pear, marshmallows.

Q: What is the Firetray used for? 

A: Heat source for the Ausspit when no ground fire is suitable or available. Can be used with Wood, Charcoal or Solid fuel beads.  Can be used as a cooking utensil for frying or casseroling when over a ground fire.
Made in 304 stainless steel.

Q: What can the Spitmate cook? 

A: Vegetables – potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, corn, capsicum, tomatoes, etc. stir fry, bread, bread rolls / roast cashews & chestnuts. bacon, sausages, T-bone, lamb chops.
Made in 304 stainless steel.